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Transformations using modern, purpose-built transformation platforms have 3x better success rate than traditional models, as revealed in new Constellation Research report.

Enterprise Orchestration is proven next-gen model for change providing comprehensive approach for executing business and digital corporate strategies.
Constellation Research Analyst Report

How a Transformation Platform Re-imagines Success

Learn about the traits, data, and new practices behind high-success business and IT change
in the report


TORONTO, ON –November 2, 2022: Sensei Labs, creators of the leading Enterprise Work Orchestration SaaS platform Conductor, today announced their inclusion in Constellation Research’s new report, “How a Transformation Platform Reimagines Success: A Look at the Traits, Data and New Practices Behind High Success Business and IT Change.”

The report, released at Web Summit in Lisbon, examines the breakthrough potential of new ways of organizing change via modern transformation platforms like Conductor. These platforms hold the promise of producing significantly higher success rates and improved business outcomes through superior enablement and orchestration. The research in the report found that a platform-based transformation effort had nearly triple the average success rate of traditional methods.

“New approaches have recently arrived that bring together the people, processes, and data within a transformation effort in a way that holds the promise of dramatically lowering risk and improving results,” explained Dion Hinchcliffe, Constellation Research Vice President, Principal Analyst and author of the report.

“The early data is promising and indicates a clear path forward for significantly improving results and lowering risks. These results, along with lower risk, appear to be readily accessible to most enlightened organizations that look at the common reasons transformation is held back, and then more comprehensively embody them, such as in a tool or platform.”

                       CONSTELLATION RESEARCH Analyst Report

Of the 12 separate transformation projects studied for the report, several were executed with Sensei Labs’ award-winning Conductor platform, which uniquely combines collaborative work management, data tracking and reporting, and knowledge management together with dashboards and KPI measurement. The report states, “Conductor qualifies for the definition of a next-generation transformation platform and is an example of the actual solutions being used to carry out platform-based large-scale change today.”

Sensei Labs works with leading companies, large government agencies, and consulting firms around the world to orchestrate critical enterprise initiatives for strategic transformation, M&A, procurement and supply chain optimizations, ESG and technology delivery. “With Conductor, we provide a proven comprehensive approach to driving modern transformation, may it be company-wide, function-specific or project-based. Our customers have told us this is transformation transformed. We call it Enterprise Orchestration,” said Jay Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO, Sensei Labs. To learn more about Sensei Labs’ Enterprise Orchestration success stories in your industry or for your use case, visit

The 18-page report offers unique insights into the decades-long enterprise challenge of successful transformation, including:

• Most current transformation efforts tend to be run in a project mentality with a fixed term/outcome. These do not acknowledge the reality that ongoing change is the only constant that requires a more systematic approach to agile evolution to successfully manage the dynamic shifts during transformation.

• Culture is famously resistant to change from a structural standpoint, but if the ‘supporting values of next-gen transformation’ are highly prized and explicitly cultivated better rates of progress can be achieved.

• A growing number of transformation efforts in recent years have attempted to “platform” their large-scale change processes, mostly using ad hoc conglomerations of tools that embody some of the support values, but often have limited integration and are not really being “born” for the purpose at hand.

• Transformation platforms are digital tools and solutions developed to span the lifecycle of a transformation, with situated capabilities that address a number of very specific issues and challenges in transformation that a business will face, including issues and challenges that older, more traditional and siloed solutions simply do not address. Transformation platforms connect strategic transformation plans and goals to individual work tasks, providing management and governance views of the overall transformation process, and program/project portfolio management of interlocking and mutually supporting transformation initiatives using metrics/KPIs to guide program success and benefits.

• The less the transformation platform was designed for the purpose of large-scale change, and the less that the supporting values were broadly enabled, transformations delivered significantly more limited results.

• Because platform-based transformation is more powerful and inherently systematically leverages what makes transformation naturally more successful, teams should expect to see the typical KPIs for transformation (defined in the report) significantly improved via this approach.

• Organizations can leverage a next-gen transformation maturity model as an approximate gauge on how their transformation improvement efforts are faring, and it can also show a path toward reducing the overall failure rate of transformation and thus the associated high cost of underperforming projects/programs.

• Leaders can most effectively use their time to ensure their plans and objectives are met by basing their transformation work on a properly enabling platform to set direction, build community, gain buy-in, and enlist stakeholders at scale to change, and then let much of the effort drive itself, saving their time for managing areas that most need their help and support.

                       CONSTELLATION RESEARCH Analyst Report


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