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Client expectations of professional service firms and systems integrators have never been higher.

Companies are increasingly turning to technologies like Conductor™ to win more new business opportunities, deliver new lines of service, and create more vibrant, longer lasting relationships with their clients.

“It has exceeded our wildest expectations… making what we give to clients in the end ultimately better, for a much higher cost-benefit ratio than it ever has been.”

Hear from Alex Liu, Managing Partner and Chairman at Kearney, about the impact that partnering with Sensei Labs has had on their consulting business and their clients.

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Create new opportunities

Program partners leverage our Conductor™ to create new revenue channels, win new business, and extend the lifetime of existing client relationships.

Sensei Labs partnership with Kearney

Win more business

Conductor inspires confidence in pitches. Use branded demos to show your clients what working with you will be like in an interactive environment featuring your actual project plans. Go after work that requires a digital delivery platform and expand the work you can win.

Deliver new services

Create new revenue lines by delivering consulting and implementation services for Conductor. Your team can deliver the Conductor platform to your clients with very little support once they’re trained and have some experience.

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Create sustainable value

By enabling transparency and accountability across the entire team, Conductor helps teams to stop the destruction of value and refocus on proving ROI to your customers.

Keep relationships vibrant

Conductor is the ultimate leave behind, helping your clients migrate to new ways of working that they will be forever thankful for. Welcome them into twenty-first century collaboration and keep the door open for future work whenever they need you.

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Kearney case study

Partnership creates value for both parties, uncovering new opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Discover how global management consulting firm Kearney partnered with Sensei Labs to unlock new business opportunities, win new business at a higher rate, and create and sell a new channel of technology-backed services.

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TCS case study

Our global partnership with TCS brings together the TCS Strategic Program Management Orchestrator with Conductor’s award-winning orchestration technologies to help Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies capture three times the results of their digital transformations.

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