Sensei Labs Co-Op Program

Join us and learn from our team!

What your day-to-day will look like working with us

Automation Quality Engineer

You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team, with back-end and front-end developers, other QEs, and Agile coaches. All teams have daily meetings to discuss any blockers they might have on the tasks they are working.

You will be working with automation cards; those are derived from Test scenarios that our quality engineers will create as part of their test plans or other test activities. You will use tools like Visual Studio, Github, Azure Pipelines, Jira, and Teams to gather the information you need and complete your tasks.

 You will be part of the automation team daily meetings too, and will discuss improvements, reviews, and other knowledge transfer with them. They will help you to grow your skills with constant code review and feedback of the work done. 




Back-End Engineer 

You will be part of a multi-disciplinary Agile team, with other Back-End developers, Front-End developers and QE engineers. Every day you will have a meeting with your teammates to discuss everyone’s progress and whatever blockers you may have on current tasks. 

In the beginning of your term, you will have onboarding sessions aimed at getting you familiar with our codebase, tools, and processes. Eventually, you will start picking cards from your team’s Jira board and working on them either by pair programming with another developer or on your own. You will regularly use tools like Visual Studio, IIS, SQL Server Management Studio, Github and Microsoft Teams to complete your tasks. All your pull requests, just like everyone else’s, will go through code review by other engineers, but that is not the only feedback you will be getting. 

 You will have regular meetings with the Back-End Engineering Manager, where you will be encouraged to share your feelings about the work that you are doing, your questions and concerns. Your Team Lead will also be there to guide you, give you team-specific context, advise you on what cards to pick and help you find whatever information you may need. 

What will you learn on different teams

Automation Quality Engineer 

You will be in constant contact with developers and will be able to ask them questions about your tasks. 

Also being able to develop your JavaScript, OOP languages, communication, problem solving skills. By working on a constant growing environment where priorities can shift fast, you will have real work life experiences and will be able to take decisions and shift priorities when needed, you will be part of the decision process on automation coverage planning and reporting. 

 Back-End Engineer 

You will be working closely with other engineers on your multi-disciplinary Agile team. Your teammates will be there to provide guidance and feedback, and to answer your questions, helping you develop your skills and learn how to thrive and succeed in delivering high quality solutions in a fast-growth environment. Here are examples of the things you will learn as a Back-End Engineer: 

  • Programming with .NET and C# 
  • Data modeling 
  • SQL and best practices for writing efficient queries 
  • Caching
  • Using source control, e.g. Git 
  • Agile development processes (Scrum or Kanban) and working in a collaborative team environment 
  • Writing unit and integration tests 
  • End-to-end SDLC (software development lifecycle) 


What you need to learn for this position and how to be prepared for an interview

Automation Quality Engineer 

Our automation team uses OOP language, we recommend candidates to be familiar and understand the OOP concepts. We are interested in see your understanding of testing automation and quality in general. Being familiar with JavaScript is also a good thing as you will be constantly interacting with front end.

Back-End Engineer

We are interested in seeing that you are familiar with basic programming concepts and eager to learn and solve meaningful technical problems. It would also be useful, however not mandatory, to have some experience in coding with C#, data modeling, SQL, writing unit tests, Agile development processes, software development lifecycle etc. 





What is hybrid work

At Sensei Labs, we’re continuing to build a stellar, diverse team and inclusive culture. It’s the unique perspectives and experiences of our team members that give us a competitive advantage. We understand that everyone has a personal life to live. With that said, we offer a 100% hybrid workplace, allowing you to work from home (WFH), work from the office (WFO), or work from anywhere (WFA) whenever you please. Speak to your team lead to create the right schedule for you!  

Our office

We opened our brand-new office just a year ago right in the heart of Downtown Toronto and we’re so excited to invite you in for a tour!  Our office was built with the idea of a hybrid workplace! Not only that, but we’ve got lots of office perks:

  • Team members, otherwise known as Senseis, can visit the office whenever they please 
  • The space seats over 36 workstations yet allows for 100% occupancy during organization-wide events, including our annual holiday event!
  • Did we mention organization-wide events? We’ve got them weekly both in the office, at a local park, or virtually!
  • Join meetings using MS Teams integrated technology in each meeting room
  • Choose from a mix of eight conference, collaboration, and huddle rooms, each named after our own brand colours!
  • We’re ergo-friendly! Book a sit-stand desk and grab an anti-fatigue mat!

And more! Including rotation of snacks, a table tennis table, all while meeting our awesome Senseis!